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Designing a Warehouse Wi-Fi Network - Thu, 30 Dec 2021 16:32:16 GMT

With the tremendous growth of Wi-Fi supported devices and mobile internet applications, warehouses are relying on Wi-Fi technology now more than ever. Wireless access points have evolved from the pursuit of connectivity and coverage to the goal of supporting high-capacity access to as many wireless clients as possible, without network interruption. Designing a warehouse Wi-Fi network is determined by a several important factors, let’s take a look below at what should be considered when building a warehouse Wi-Fi solution.

How to Use the UCM IP PBX's Call Center Features - Thu, 18 Nov 2021 17:00:00 GMT

en español For small to medium businesses, customization is important when building out a telecommunication solution. An on-premise VoIP solution is a popular IT system as it allows businesses to create a scalable solution to fit their needs. One of the major functionalities that a VoIP system delivers is call center features that allow for organizations to implement their own localized call center to better serve their customer base. Grandstream Networks’ UCM series of IP PBXs have built-in call center features that allow businesses to run their call centers efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we take you through the major call center features in the UCM series and how to best utilize them.

Hospitality Communication Solutions - Fri, 12 Nov 2021 15:08:07 GMT

en español em português Hotels rely heavily upon their communications between reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, management, and hotel guests. Connecting these users and meeting their unique communication needs is easier than ever with Grandstream. Whether you want to continue using existing technology or upgrade to a solution that you can rely on, Grandstream can help wherever it’s needed. See which devices work best for each department below and read how hotels can implement Grandstream solutions to improve their operations.

How to use UCM RemoteConnect - Tue, 28 Sep 2021 10:53:50 GMT

en español It is impressive to think how technology has changed the way we interact with the electronics around us. The list of devices we can manage from cloud-based interphases is steadily growing and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Lights, home appliances, and much of the technology we use on a day-to-day basis can be managed remotely in one way or another. The solutions that we make at Grandstream are no different. With the creation of Grandstream Device Management System, a Grandstream solution can be configured, provisioned, monitored, and troubleshot from the cloud. UCM RemoteConnect takes this a step further by enabling remote management of a UCM6300 series as well as easily enabling remote work.

Choosing the Right IP PBX For Your Deployment - Mon, 13 Sep 2021 15:21:27 GMT

en español For businesses and organizations of all sizes, people are their most important asset. How they work together, communicate, and collaborate is the primary driver of success. Utilizing the right unified communication technology can create an environment that enhances the way a business is run and produces a more productive and collaborative operation. Choosing the right unified communication platform for any new business can be a challenge: deciding what you need and what features are most important can help narrow down the decision and create a customized solution for your deployment. In this blog post we will cover the main backend choices you have when creating a unified communication solution, and how Grandstream’s UCM series can fit into your deployment scenario.
Grandstream's powerful Wi-Fi Access Points offer high-performance networking, tremendous Wi-Fi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning/management thanks to a built-in controller, outstanding network throughput, and support for a large number of clients per AP. Our APs can be paired with 3rd party routers, Grandstream routers, as well as existing Wi-Fi networks, making them ideal for both new and existing Wi-Fi deployments. In this blog post, we’ll highlight key features in both the indoor and outdoor access point lines, cloud and on-premise network management, and provide you with helpful comparison charts and resources.

GXP and GRP Series of IP Phones Comparison - Wed, 04 Aug 2021 21:15:52 GMT

en español Grandstream’s IP phones are used around the world by businesses, schools, hotels, and ITSPs. They provide a desktop device that is feature-loaded, intuitive to use, and productivity-focused. The GRP2600 Series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones is the newest line of desktop IP phones and offers both essential and professional level devices for a variety of deployment scenarios. As the newest series, our GRP IP phones have advanced capabilities that the GXP Series of IP Phones lacks, and it is important to understand the difference between the two lines when making a purchasing decision. Within this blog post, we’ll be comparing the GXP and GRP series, and explaining where our newest generation of IP phones offer notable improvements.

Review: Grandstream's UCM6302 UC&C Platform - Fri, 30 Jul 2021 16:34:44 GMT

Originally posted on TMCNet.com. The current pandemic has necessitated that our Unified Communication & Collaboration platforms allow for efficient, flexible, and agile business operations, while also being cost-effective. We need one platform that meets various business communication needs, expediently and seamlessly delivering collaboration tools and a host of communications services. These features, services, and tools include desktop sharing, presence, mobility, voice and video calling, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, video surveillance, facility access, intercoms etc. This platform can be on-premises or in our redundant data centers, managed locally or from the cloud to support an agile, cost-effective deployment and maintenance model. Communications platforms should easily integrate with third-party business and facility applications, improving business efficacy. Thus, the above referenced multi-modal communication platform plays the chief role in supporting cost-effective business communications.
en español Using GDMS, UCM RemoteConnect, and GWN.Cloud A typical IT infrastructure deployment has a variety of devices within it that all require provisioning, configuration, and management. Having these pieces of hardware under one brand helps streamline these processes; being able to access these devices from the cloud takes this to the next level. Grandstream’s mission is to connect the world, and this means making top-of-the-line features and technology more affordable and obtainable for small to medium businesses and IT installers. Cloud configuration and management through Grandstream Device Management System, UCM RemoteConnect, and GWN.Cloud is one way that we’ve built more value into our solutions. Within this blog post, you’ll learn how you can manage your Grandstream deployments from the cloud.

Must Have Features of the UCM6300 Ecosystem - Tue, 06 Jul 2021 12:00:00 GMT

en español The UCM6300 Ecosystem is Grandstream’s complete communication and collaboration platform for both on-site and remote solutions. The UCM6300 Ecosystem pairs together the customization and control of an on-premise IP PBX with the remote access of a cloud solution to provide an easy-to-manage hybrid communication platform for businesses of all sizes. Together, the UCM6300 series of IP PBXs, UCM6300 Audio series, UCM RemoteConnect, and Wave app provide any organization with a powerful and flexible communication and collaboration solution. In this blog post, we’ll take you through our top three must-have features of the UCM6300 Ecosystem.